Facebook Ad tracking that actually works

Track up to 100% of your purchases to the right Facebook ad campaigns with Sirge.

Sirge Features
96% of all users

opted out of IOS14.5 ad tracking

40%-60% of all purchases

are no longer tracked by Facebook

100% of Sirge Customers

have the opportunity to get their ad tracking back to the golden days

How it works

Track All Purchases with Sirge

Stop optimizing with bad data in your ads manager

Sirge Dashboard

Performance Dashboard

The Sirge ad performance dashboard pulls in the data from your Facebook ads manager and uses our proprietary ad tracking script to accurately attribute results to your campaigns. So you can better optimize and scale your results.


Sirge tracks the sources of where all your purchases come from and organizes the data for you all in one dashboard. You can now see exactly where you are getting sales allowing you to make better marketing decisions.

Sirge Dashboard
Customer Profile Sirge

Customer Profile & User Journey

Sirge tracks the full journey of your users. See the entire timeline from start to finish. Which ads they came from, what pages they viewed, and how much they purchased. This gives you a true indication of how long it takes someone to purchase from your Facebook ad campaigns. Sirge has no attribution period limit.

Conversions API

Send accurate data back to your Facebook pixel to better optimize and track users across all your campaigns.

Sirge Facebook Conversion API

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Finally, Facebook ad tracking that actually works.