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How To Setup & Integrate Sirge with Facebook Ads

Learn how to integrate your Facebook ad account & place URL parameters.

1. How to integrate Facebook ad account.

For Sirge to be able to pull in your ad account data you'll first need to connect your Facebook account to your Sirge profile.

  1. Click "Account Settings"
  2. Click "Integrations"
  3. Click "Connect"
(Integrations in Sirge account settings)

Once your Facebook Profile is connected to Sirge. You'll need to create your Sirge business asset and connect the Facebook ad account you'd like to use in your Sirge performance dashboard.

  1. Click "Create Business"
  2. Name your business
  3. Select your business.
  4. Click "Settings" from the Sirge business dashboard.
  5. Click "Connections"
  6. Click "Connect"
  7. Select the ad account you want to pull data from.
(Click "Settings" from the Sirge business dashboard)

(Select the ad account you want to pull data from)

Once your Facebook ad account is connected you'll need to setup Sirge UTM Parameters across all your ads.

2. How to setup Sirge UTM parameters in Facebook ads.

In your Sirge performance dashboard, you'll be able to create UTM parameters for your Facebook Ads. Once created you'll need to add these parameters to ALL of your Active Facebook ads and new Facebook ads moving forward to ensure you track 100% of your purchases.

  1. Visit your Sirge performance dashboard
  2. Click "Generate Facebook UTM"
  3. Paste the URL you want your customers to visit from your ad.
  4. Copy the UTM parameters
  5. Go to your Facebook Ad Account.
  6. Click on ads.
  7. Edit each ad and add the UTM Parameters to every active ad.

Sirge.io can start tracking 100% of purchases and attribute sales to the correct Facebook ads in your Sirge dashboard once fully setup. We recommend to give the system 3-7 days for you to start being able to compare the tracked data from Sirge to your Facebook ads in the Sirge performance dashboard.

Make sure anytime you create a new add you always add the Sirge UTM parameters to your ads.

If you need additional help please contact our support team or visit our help guides here.

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